Who We Are

At StepChange Improve, we have more than 25 years experience in Continuous Improvement, including expertise in Lean and Six Sigma. From programme design to project delivery, we have delivered significant improvements to the customer experience and business performance.

Located close to both Glasgow and Edinburgh, we are ideally located to provide local support across the Central Belt of Scotland.

Our Services

  • Designing Continuous Improvement Programmes
  • Lean Sigma Pilots and Deployment
  • Analysing and Improving Processes
  • Coaching and Managing Improvement Project Teams
  • Project Management & Project Delivery
  • Facilitating Continuous Improvement Workshops (Kaizen)
  • Workshop Delivery (8 Wastes, 5S, Gemba Walks, Process Mapping, Yellow Belt)
  • Independent Quality and Process Management Health Checks

Contact Us

Phone: +44(0)7880 675426 Use our contact form to get in touch

How can we help you?

  • Do you have recurring customer complaints that need to be resolved?
  • Do you have processes that need to be more efficient? Increase capacity and save costs?
  • Do you have a quality related problem that you don’t know how to fix?
  • Or maybe you just need some help to give your staff the skills and tools that they need to effectively solve problems?

At StepChange Improve, we strive to make Continuous Improvement a daily part of everyday life for your staff and management teams. We believe in simplifying the technical jargon so that these effective tools are accessible for all.

By working closely with your staff and improvement teams, we actively transfer skills, developing the capability of the organisation and enabling the delivery of long term sustainable change.

Whether we’re helping to develop your strategy; design your improvement programme; delivering improvement projects or coaching your newly trained improvement specialists, we will support and guide you at every step in the journey.

StepChange Improve work in collaboration with a number of other specialists to allows us to be flexible in our delivery model while still maintaining the overall management of the project. Our approach allows us to offer our services at a local, national and international level.

Why Is Continuous Improvement So Important?

For every customer who complains to a company about its service (or products), there are many more dissatisfied customers who don’t complain. You never know they have a problem. Many go away (to a competitor) and never come back. A customer with a problem will tell between 10 and 20 other people. A customer complaint is therefore a valuable opportunity for you to understand and fix the problem, turning a negative experience into a positive interaction, generating loyalty and customer retention. By engaging your staff and providing them with the tools to solve these customer problems, you engage and motivate your staff, which in turn improves performance and encourages them to stay with you.